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With us it does not cost you a fortune to set up your business online. Start from free and keep it free for a year.


Editing & Listing

Our experienced team of local IT experts will provide everything you need to run your business online, including free initial setup.



Free Tier gives you full control of your own data and host access so feel free to DIY it. We only jump in to assist when you ask.

Congratulations for the decision of making your business online!

Free tier is absolutely free no commitments no obligations
We charge you A$ 1.00 only to make sure you are serious about it.


Aussie biz gets online for free*
A$ 1.00 first year

1 site + 1 Premium Theme
OpenCart / WordPress+Woo-commerce
Free hosting for 1st year
Free business domain
Free O365 business email
Free initial setup
DIY encouraged
IT-Desk hrs avbl. to purchase


Essentials for e-Commerce
A$ 120 /quarter

1 site + 3 Premium Themes
OpenCart / WordPress+Woo-commerce
Free hosting for 1st year
Free business domain
Free O365 business email
Professional listing for <4 products
6 hrs IT Desk assistance
Pay less by annual
Cancel any time


For professional sellers
A$ 2000 min. /contract

1 site + Any Premium Themes
OpernCart / WordPress+Woocommerce
Free hosting for 1st year
Free business domain
Free O365 business email
Unlimited Professional listing
SEO & e-Marketing
Free IT-Desk for 3 mths

You don’t have to pay hundreds to own your website today. If you choose to, do it annually to pay less.
For investment to a new business every dollar matters. Got some IT skills? We strongly encourage you to DIY. Compare all plans and features.

How to get spotted?

All successful online businesses are data driven & powered by smart e-marketing strategies


Avoid traffic fragmentation



Less waste of time and resources


Growth Hacking

Gain reasonably big with small budget



We watch-dog your performance so you can focus

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is Fairly Outdated

Search Engines are most certainly not dominant traffic entrances in these days. Make your exposures across screen sizes through multiple dimensions.

Big Data Driven

Internet traffic is being scattered to various devices and platforms but big data provides a global perspective.

Personalised Promotion

By providing a unique display for each visitor to your pages, we aim to maximum customer experience and in consequences, the conversion rate!


Ready to know your audiences?

It is more than excited finding out your products attracting more attentions. But if you do feel nervous too, we are here to assist.

Get Rated

A tiniest and most important feedback to your products and services that everyone refers to.


No body likes spamming emails. Will your newsletter make its way to the inbox?

Collect Comments

People normally won’t bother. What if someone does and drives attention to the other way?

Event Sales

Click Frenzy, Cyber Monday, Double Eleven… Is your business ready to speak sound?

Customer Care

Warranty only makes your business in compliance while your care makes your users caring.


Congrats to your great success. Think of re-branding or upgrading? See how seedme can assist

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